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Good horse management and controlled horse training that develop stamina, endurance and high performance at minimal of risk of injury is their passion. Contributing to ensuring a long and trouble free career for the horse is the goal.

Those writers have 45 years of experience and know-how working with horses.

Leif Stilling is a horse vet. Specialized in medicine, stud farm activity, lameness examination, emergency care and fracture surgery. He has a deep commitment to the horse racing industry and has a long-time special interest in prevention of injuries.

He has worked with several animal hospitals and horse clinics.

Leif has written three books in Swedish on horse training physiology and applied training. Now it is time for an English version.

Leif o Irén

Leif & Irén


The previous program for training analysis, Stigra Equine SW has been converted into a hyper modern web-based tool for optimizing training programs in all horse disciplines (racing, riding and driving).

Irén Fredriksson Stilling started her riding school in southern Sweden in 1972 and has competed successfully in show jumping. She has been breeding horses for many years and has owned and trained several hundred horses. She is an authorized riding instructor level 3 and is a certified secondary school teacher as well.

Irén is a most valuable assistant in the project eHorseTraining.

Hopefully the content of this web-site will be useful and inspiring to those of you who are interested in, and are involved in the horse world.